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Medical Gloves

MEDICAL Hand Protection

DR.BOO®, the quality of Medical-Grade Gloves that you can trust. You can rely on high quality medical gloves from our extensive portfolio of powdered and powder-free surgical and examination gloves that provide a reliable protective barrier. They are made for multiple uses such as surgeon in Operation Theater, medical patient examinations, diagnostic procedures by dentist, general medical procedures and laboratory practices.


Cleanroom Gloves

INDUSTRIAL Protective Gloves

Try on our Cleanroom Latex gloves, you can experience the excellence of the quality-driven products of DR.BOO®. These gloves are used in applications for the semi-conductors manufacturing industry. Electronic, pharmaceutical and biotech industries are additional relevant industries that required for the Cleanroom Gloves.


Specialty Gloves


In many areas of business and industry, protective gloves have long become standard equipment, whether for hygienic reasons or to protect from injury and chemicals. These gloves are generally used in the following applications: food handling, salons/spas, electronic assemblies, laboratorial work, packing process, automotive, janitorial and general home use.

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